The Scriptures tell us that without a vision, the people will perish (Proverbs 29:18). That is why as a church we must have a clear vision to be able to fulfill the purpose and objectives that God has.

Our Vision is as Following:

That people of the community can see and prove the love of God is real and available for them through our actions.

Serving our community by partaking into their problems, and showing them that a solution does exist for the different situations that life may bring.

Taking the gospel of our Lord Jesus into the community, so they can know the plans and purpose that God has for their lives.

Be a shining light in every neighborhood of our community by establishing small groups in homes and parks. These locations will be used as nucleus of support and hope of those in need in our community.

Serving our community by showing them the love of God, through programs that the local authorities and organizations offer to people in need.

Reach people in our community that don’t have a relationship with God, so their lives can be transformed and thus, experiment the love of God.

Form people that will be biblically educated so they can have a solid base in their daily walk with God.

Teach the Scriptures in a way that is relevant; so people can apply the truths in a practical way in their daily needs. In that way, they’ll grow in their relationship with God and so they can separate themselves for the service of God.

Biblically train people so they can go and make an impact with their families, friends, community and the world.

Buy a building to be able to receive and make the people of our community part of our Christian family.

To summarize, we want to be a church known for truly showing the love of God for the people in our community. We want those people to become members of our church, or of our small group meetings so they can prove for themselves the transforming power of God, the love of God to forgive and thus, change their lives.

Our desire is to be a light for our community, so when people see our building or our members, they can know that there is a place where they can find what their souls and lives are looking for.