Our purpose is that the people of our community can prove and see through our actions, that the love of God is real (Matthew 22:37-39). We do this through our service for the community. They’re our closest neighbor, and we want to be part of their problems, and showing them that there is solution to the different situations in life. We don’t want to distant ourselves from the situations that our community is going through on a daily basis.

We want to be a shining light in every neighborhood in our community (Matthew 5:14-16). We want to reach them with the love of God through the programs our local authorities and organizations offer to those in need. In this manner, the people of our community will prove that the love of God is real and available for them.

OC United Kids

United KidsMany parents have to work long hours to provide for their families. Many parents arrive home late while their children are home alone or hanging out in the streets afterschool. Many things, such as social media, television, drugs and gangs, are influencing our children. For this reason, an afterschool program was formed for the children in Valencia Park in Fullerton. This program helps children to develop character qualities, such as integrity, honesty, sincerity, purity, virtue, being equal, and wisdom to make the correct decisions. This program is formed by nearly 60 children and many volunteers that love God and their neighbors are needed. This program takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm-6pm.

For more information, contact Gaby at gaby@calvarychapellogos.com

Domestic Violence

Domestic ViolenceThe workshops for domestic violence have the purpose to help women that are going through physical, verbal or emotional abuse. These workshops have the purpose to orientate and facilitate with resources to help women know what to do in situations. These workshops are directed by people/professionals that have suffered abuse for many years. The purpose is to help avoid abuse and to help along the process. In these classes, they will learn how to use the resources that are available for them. These classes take place every Monday at 7pm in the police department in Fullerton.
For more information, contact Gaby at gaby@calvarychapellogos.com

Helping Children (Mentorship)

Helping ChildrenMany children go through different situations in life, such as, divorce, verbal abuse, lack of attention by parents, absence of parents, etc. Many of these children need help with homework, and desire for someone to play with them and someone to listen to them. For the children that have a mentor, the results have been fantastic. There has been an improvement in their behaviors and improvement in their grades. There is a great satisfaction to use the life that God has given us to help better our future society, which are the children. This program takes place Monday-Friday for one hour a week in Valencia Park in Fullerton.

If you’re interested in donating an hour a week, contact Pastor Franklin at franklin@calvarychapellogos.com

SOLFUL (Summer of Loving Fullerton)

Summer of loving FullertonThe school districts don’t have the enough funds to provide summer programs for children in school. So, through volunteers and teachers, we provide a program called SOLFUL. This program runs during the summer for 6 weeks from 8am-2pm. During this period, topics such as character development are taught.
The need is great, and this is a great opportunity to ignite the fire within that perhaps died out a long time ago. The gospel becomes real as we demonstrate love to the children during the summer. To help, all that is needed is a desire. We need many volunteers. Join us in this noble cause. SOLFUL takes place in Valencia Park in Fullerton.

For more information, contact Pastor Franklin at franklin@calvarychapellogos.com

Camino Outreach - Immigration Information

Counseling in immigration casesCamino Outreach is an organization that helps out our Spanish community by offering legal counseling in immigration cases. This organization has the purpose to provide legal counseling and at the same time, share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people going through difficult times due to immigration.

Current Immigration Issues:
- Help in regards to Green Card cases
- Citizenship applications
- DACA- deferred action for young adults that arrived to the United States as children
- VAWA- victims of domestic violence

Call for appointments at 657-217-2365. Ask for Valeria Sosa

410 S Lemon St. Unit B, Fullerton, Ca (Second Floor)